• Question: I'm really interested in your research within Bristol. I like how its perceived as a 'Green' city within the UK. How can you encourage city councils around the country to cooperate with being more environmentally friendly? Also what could I do myself to try to help make a difference?

    Asked by Amy to Ola on 8 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Ola Michalec

      Ola Michalec answered on 8 Nov 2016:

      Hello! That’s so nice to hear! You should visit the city and see how great it is! I think in the UK we have problem with distributing “green” policies. From the research it looks like poorer people are left behind and cannot really afford to buy green products and make the most of government incentives (e.g. payment for installing solar panels). before implementing a policy, we need to make sure we take into account how it might affect a whole variety of people – young, old, rich, poor, singles, in families, in houses, in flats etc- a lot to cover!

      You can do plenty of things to help the environment:) My personal favourite is cycling! if you get into the habit now, chances are you won’t think to drive to work in the future as a default (so many people think this way unfortunately:()

      I also recommend following the news and getting involved in a local charity which is close to your heart – amazing and rewarding way to make a difference!