• Question: What's your opinion on Donald Trump becoming president?

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      Asked by ellen the platapus to Weiyi, Olivia, Ola, Mzamo, Megan on 9 Nov 2016.
      • Photo: Mzamo Shozi

        Mzamo Shozi answered on 9 Nov 2016:

        I am actually very surprised that he won the elections

      • Photo: Ola Michalec

        Ola Michalec answered on 9 Nov 2016:

        I woke up really upset today! But sadly, not surprised, it looks like the history repeats itself. There was a very similar situation with Brexit in terms of the newspaper headlines, main slogans politicians would try to persuade people, and opinion polls.

        I am mostly shocked that the culture of reasoned debate based on evidence is dying out and all it takes to become a leader is to say “We need to build a wall”. And the fact that the media and politicians bear no consequences if their “promises” aren’t true. This is scary! I think this is why science is a good consolation – it’s based on seeking for true, for making things work; not on persuading others.

      • Photo: Megan Seymour

        Megan Seymour answered on 9 Nov 2016:

        I strongly disagree with a lot of the things he has said and he wouldn’t have got my vote.
        Hopefully his presidency won’t affect us too much over here.

      • Photo: Olivia Ashton

        Olivia Ashton answered on 12 Nov 2016:

        Its not what I thought was going to happen or who I would have voted for