• Question: When do you think children should be taught science? Should they start when they are old enough to understand; or young to get used to it?

    Asked by 836ceng22 to Megan, Mzamo, Ola, Olivia, Weiyi on 8 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Megan Seymour

      Megan Seymour answered on 8 Nov 2016:

      I think from an early age children can begin learning science- simple things like looking at the stars at night and talking about space are appropriate for even very young children.
      I also think it is important not to overload young children with science that is too complicated though, if this happens they might feel less confident and less enthusiastic about learning science later on.

    • Photo: Ola Michalec

      Ola Michalec answered on 8 Nov 2016:

      Yep, you can learn various sides of science depending on your age. And it’s good to start early- 3-year-olds ask so many questions already!
      Whatever the age, I think it’s important for education to be based on understanding, discovery, amazement, practical work. Myself I had to much learning weird names by heart and too much exam stress and I don’t think it was very helpful looking back!

    • Photo: Olivia Ashton

      Olivia Ashton answered on 8 Nov 2016:

      Science is something you can teach to children at any age – you just have to make sure the level you are teaching at is accessible to the child. For example, giving a five year old a univeristy level lecture on physics/biology/chemistry isnt going to work. But talking to them about things like the leaves changing colour, stars at night and the sun can introduce them to science on their own level.

    • Photo: Mzamo Shozi

      Mzamo Shozi answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      From an early age, probably even before they start school.