Question: do you feel you can mitigate global warming in the near future?

  1. In short no.

    In long, I think we can reduce it’s impact but it will take a lot of work and cooperation. In terms of the science, I don’t think we’re far off with the technologies and know how to be able to make a massive difference to our contribution to global warming. Sadly, politics is also plays a massive part in this, which will slow everything down. So I think what will make the biggest difference in the near future is changing peoples attitudes to global warming, from the ‘ordinary’ person to world leaders.



  1. I don’t feel that I am personally going to have a big impact in mitigating global warming, my research has a slightly different aim. But I do think that science is getting very close to finding viable solutions to the problems of global warming.
    One great thing about my job is being able to see amazing, world leading, and sometimes even Nobel Proze winning scientists present their work! One of the most exciting talks I have ever been to was on artificial photosynthesis: scientists have replicated the process in which plants turn sunlight into chemical energy and then store it as fuel, and believe that their technology should be able to provide the world with affordable and clean energy!


    • Oops, didn’t realise this question was just meant to be just for Olivia, sorry Olivia!!!